2019.06.13   News

「Hop Step Sing! 」ニコ生決定!!!(6月19日水20時スタート)

仁衣菜、識理、みかさファンの皆様、お待たせいたしました。今月、6月19日(水)20時、ニコ生に彼女たちが帰ってきます。《生放送》で彼女たちから今後の活動を直接ファンの皆様に大発表しちゃいます! イベント情報、VRコンテンツ情報、新企画など、てんこ盛りの放送になること間違いなし。当日は応援メッセージを「#ほぷなま」@Twitterで募集しております。(本番中に読んでもらえるかもですよ)久しぶりにみんなで盛り上がりましょう!

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2017.10.27   Press Release

Polygon Pictures and Kodansha Announce Joint Venture: Kodansha VR Lab, Planning and Production of Revolutionary VR-focused Content

Polygon Pictures (“PPI,” President and CEO: Shuzo Shiota, Head Office: Tokyo, Japan) is proud to announce the establishment of Kodansha VR Lab, Ltd., a new joint venture with publishing giant Kodansha Ltd., specializing in research and development of new forms of entertainment, focused on VR. As an affiliate company, Kodansha VR Lab’s central role will be to develop and produce a new generation of storytelling, making use of VR, AR, and other cutting-edge technologies.

By combining the know-how of Polygon Pictures, a studio always on the forefront of computer graphics in entertainment, and Kodansha, with a long history of bringing countless stories to life, we aim to take the challenge of developing revolutionary content in new fields. Also, by making use of digital content’s unique ability to disseminate across the globe, we plan to target a worldwide market from the start.

About Kodansha VR Lab
Company name: Kodansha VR Lab, Ltd.
Representative: Hiroaki Morita, CEO
Business outline: Planning and production, licensing, etc., of digital content such as VR/AR, videos, games, etc.
Capital: 10,000,000 JPY
Shareholders: Kodansha (70%), Polygon Pictures (30%)