2021.08.23   News

【1 Million Views Challenge 💯】Interactive Music Video「Happy People」Full MV Released on YouTube!

Good news to fans who doesn’t have VR headset!

VR idol group Hop Step Sing!’s 6th VRMV 《Happy People》, the new form of interactive idol entertainment, has its Full MV released on YouTube!

Also, with the release of VRMV 《Happy People》on Steam on 27 Aug 2021, we are going to hold a lucky draw!

🌈【1 Million Views Challenge 💯!~《Happy People》 Full-Length MV】

As you may know, 2021 is the 5th anniversary of Hop Step Sing! and in order to deliver the new song to as many people as possible, we’re giving away a special 5th anniversary gift whenever the targeted numbers of views are reached, with highest target 1 million views!


⭐10,000 views (lvl 5) ⭐

Badge x 10  

⭐50,000 views (Lv4)⭐

Acrylic Stand x 10

⭐100,000 views(Lv3)⭐

AC Adapter x 5  

⭐500,000 views( (Lv2)⭐


⭐1 Million views( (Lv1) 💯



Our target is 1M views💯!

And here we need your help!

~How to join the giveaway~ 

1) Twitter

Retweet the post of “1 Million views Challenge – Happy People MV” on Twitter with #hopstepsing1million

P.S. We’d love it if you could leave a comment!


Follow Hop Step Sing’s Facebook page, and “Like” and “Share” our 《1 Million View Challenge – Happy People MV》 campaign post on Facebook.(https://bit.ly/382wEKO

We will draw the lucky winners from those who share the MV with the above methods.

And repeated prizes are possible!

For example, you could win the 10,000 views prize and 50,000 views prize at the same time! In other words, the earlier you retweet, the higher chance you win! If you retweet at the beginning, you will have chance to win from the 10,000 views prize to the 1,000,000 views prize all the way!

Spread the word NOW and get the 5th anniversary goods with limited edition!

*The delivery address is restricted to Japan only.

Let’s aim for 1M views for Happy People MV!

■Official website 








【Regarding 《Happy People》】

Hop Step Sing!’s long awaited VR music video after a year and a half is finally released! Have you ever imagined of supporting your idols in an intimate ways like changing their hairstyles, photo shooting for them, or lighting up their stage in VR space? 

《Happy People》 is the ultimate interactive entertainment that can fulfill you dream!

Try to touch the hidden interaction items and the idols will talk to you!? At the end, you can get an autograph on the photo of your favorite character! In addition to Japanese, there are also Chinese and English interfaces and subtitles, as well as a karaoke function (Roman alphabet).

This is the ultimate form of idol entertainment and the culmination of five years of work by the VR production team of Hop Step Sing! Hope you enjoy it!

Note on application:

1. Details of the lottery will be announced on SNS as needed according to the number of views.

2.This campaign is valid for 1 year after the release of the VRMV 《Happy People》.

3. We will contact the winners via direct message on Facebook and Twitter. If we do not hear back from the winner by the specified date, the prize will be automatically forfeited.

4. Please note that we cannot exchange or return prizes once they have been received.

5. The prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

6. Prizes will only be sent to winners in Japan.