2021.09.24   News

Hop Step Sing! Karaoke on TikTok Competition Started!

Want your song to be conveyed to the world like Ninna 🎤? Now’s your chance!

To celebrate Hop Step Sing!’s 5th anniversary, we’re holding a 《Hop Step Sing! Karaoke Competition on TikTok》! This time,  🤑bounty is available!

The three members of Hop Step Sing! will personally choose the winning song and comment on it.

🎤Hop Step Sing! TikTok


🎤Practice with our karaoke videos on YouTube!


1st place: 150,000 yen

2nd place: 100,000 yen

3rd place: 50,000 yen

Eligible countries: Japan, Brazil, Russia, USA, China


(1) Choose one song from Hop Step Sing! to sing (only one chorus is also acceptable).

(2) Upload the video of you singing to TikTok.

(3) Sing alone or in a group are both acceptable.

(4) You can upload your video as many times as you want.

(5) Videos with #hopstepsing will be judged.

(6)Cosplay is allowed. It will not affect the judging.

  If the quality of the cosplay is judged to be high, it will be considered for a separate cosplay award.


30 Sep – 30 Nov, 2021

【Announcement of results】

The results will be announced on the coming Nico Live 《Hop Nama》 (specific dates will be announced on the official HSS SNS later).

The result will also be announced on HSS official SNS later.

Official website: https://hopstepsing.com/

Twitter/Instagram: @hopstepsing

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hopstepsing