English VR Live《Hop Summer Tour VR or Twitch》


2 Mar 2021 Updated!

Thank you for watching Hop Step Sing!’s VR Live 《Hop Summer Tour VR or Twitch》!

The Hop Step Sing! VR live Hop☆Sama 2020 held in summer, 2020 for Japan will be held for North America as 《Hop Summer Tour 2020》on February 27 (Sat) at 6pm PST (Pacific Standard Time) or February 28 (Sun) at 11am Japan time in 2021! Great news to English-speaking people as you can enjoy English subtitles and Hop Step Sing!’s English speeches as well! You can choose the best way suit you, live in VR or Twitch! If you have missed it in Japan last time, please check it out. We look forward to seeing you there!

【Date and Time】
Start on February 27 (Sat) 18:00 (PST/Pacific Standard Time)
February 28 (Sun) 11:00 (JST/Japan Standard Time)

Ticket Sales Start on February 3(Wed) 20:00 (PST/Pacific Standard Time)
February 4 (Thur) 13:00 (JST/Japan Standard Time)
More details here: