“Otawamure” is a Japanese word meaning “to play around, to fool around or toy with”.
This VR experience provides a virtual space where you can feel “otawamure” yourself while playing with tender objects.
The space has three activities inside.
In one of them, you’ll find yourself carefully cutting eggs using a string, trying to slice them just right.
Another will give you a hand fan to blow a set of quirky objects away.
And in the last one jiggly, bouncy puddings will drop from the sky for you to catch.
None of these experiences has a specific goal or objective, but we hope they can help you experience “otawamure”.

On Sale @ Steam in Summer, 2019.

“otawamure” won the Lumiere Japan Awards 2019 excellence works in VR category

Director: Yoriko Mizushiri
Sound Director: Kenko Tokusashi
Voice: Aasami Seto
Producer: Kenji Ishimaru
Production: Kodansha VR Lab