2021.02.05   News

VR Live 《Hop Summer Tour 2020》 (Eng Ver.) to be held on 27 Feb(Sat) at 6pm(PST)!

The Hop Step Sing! VR live Hop☆Sama 2020 held in summer, 2020 for Japan will be held for North America as 《Hop Summer Tour 2020》on February 27 (Sat) at 6pm PST (Pacific Standard Time) or February 28 (Sun) at 11am Japan time in 2021! Great news to English-speaking people as you can enjoy English subtitles and Hop Step Sing!’s English speeches as well! You can choose the best way suit you, live in VR or Twitch! If you have missed it in Japan last time, please check it out. We look forward to seeing you there!

【VR Live Info.】

▼Pacific Standard Time(PST)

Date: 27 Feb(Sat)  6:00pm

VR Live: Entry starts from 5:00 p.m; Show starts at 6:00 p.m.

Twitch Live Streaming: Entry starts at 5:30 p.m; Show starts at 6:00 p.m.

▼Japan Standard Time(JST)

Date: 28 Feb(Sun)  11:00am

VR Live: Entry starts from 10:00 a.m; Show starts at 11:00 a.m

Twitch Live Streaming: Entry starts at 10:30 a.m; Show starts at 11:00 a.m.

Language: Japanese and English

▼For more details, please visit Hop Step Sing! VR Live Special Page below.


【Two Ways To Watch】

  • By VR or PC:

Please purchase ticket in advance.

Ticket Fee: USD30

▼Buy Ticket


Please make sure that you have the proper environment to view it before purchasing.

②By Twitch

Fee: Free

▼Live on Twitch


【About VR Live Hop Summer Tour 2020】

《Hop Summer 2020》 (Jap. Ver.) has firstly been held in Oct 2020 with a successful end drawing wide public attention especially when it comes to the unexpected special guest at the end. Continued with the great support gained from China when the same live was streamed on 23 Jan 2021 on Bilibili, a live stream online platform in China , Hop Step Sing! (Niina Nijikawa, Shikiri Shiishiba, and Mikasa Minowa) is going to step further to North America to have their VR Live 《Hop Summer Tour 2020》 in English on 27 Feb(Sat) at 6pm(PST). With their brand-new costumes, they are going to sing with their full power from their debut song 《Kisekiteki Shining!》 to the latest song 《Astral Piece》 in the borderless VR space. Not only can you enjoy the English interface and subtitles but also have the precious chance to hear the cast’s speeches in English!

As the title already stated, this live performance will be held in VR. Audience who have a VR headset can enter the venue with their avatar and enjoy the concert while moving freely with the 360 degree view. For those who don’t have a headset can also watch the live performance on gaming PC or Twitch, a live streaming platform for gamers. Their VR Live will definitely give you an exciting and surprising night with their voice actresses Maria Sashide, Mariko Toribe and Natsumi Hioka who will be on the same stage with Hop Step Sing!.

【Launch of VR Music Videos on VIVEPORT Infinity】

At the same time, two VR music videos 《Kisekiteki Shining!》and 《kiss kiss kiss》are going to be launched on 19 Feb,2021 (PST) on VIVEPORT Infinity, a VR games, apps, videos subscription platform.

▶Search Hop Step Sing! on https://www.VIVEPORT.com/