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Thank you for sharing your world
Thank you for sharing your world

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Mission statement

"To pursue the optimum storytelling
forms for the latest media."

Our studio's name includes "laboratory" because
it is a place in which people with ideas,
techniques and plans can readily gather and seek to
discover what sort of content (storytelling)
will make maximum use of cutting-edge
technology, and then give form to
such stories and present them to the world.

Company profile


Company Name: Kodansha VR Lab, Ltd.

CEO: Kenji Ishimaru

Description of business:
Planning, creating, producing, wholesaling,
lending, retailing, publishing,
importing and exporting digital content
such as virtual reality content,
digital imagery, games, audio and music.
Planning and developing character-based goods;
copyright, design rights
and trademark
management; usage consent and transfer,
and intermediation and agency work
for purposes of the same; etc.

Established: October 2017

Location: 2-4-10-5F Tsukiji Chuo-ku
Tokyo 1040045 Japan

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