VR Film - Thank you for sharing your world

Original VR Film

79th Venice International Film Festival 2022 Nominated
Kaohsiung Film Festival 2022   Nominated
Bucheon International Animation Festival (BIAF)  Nominated
Animest Romania 2022 Best VR Short Film
LifeArt Festival 2023 Virtual Reality Award
Los Angeles Film Awards Best Virtual Reality
Barcelona Planet Film Festival 2023 Best Virtual Reality
Fine Arts Film Festival 2023 Virtual Reality Film Nominated
44th Annual Telly Awards – Immersive, Interactive, & Mixed – Use of VR – Silver Award
ADC 102nd Annual Awards Gaming Gold Award
Animafest Zagreb 2023 VR Competition Nominated
Harlem International Film Festival Best Virtual Reality
Chainsaw Game and Music Festival Nominated

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Takashi lost his eyesight in grade school. Though he can recreate the world in his mind, he is losing interest with fewer things to enjoy. He had a friend, Shinji, who was autistic. One day, Shinji invites him to a steam locomotive ceremony. Due to some reasons, Takashi gets into a fight with Shinji and they become separated. Takashi looks for him, falling into a darker state of mind. With people’s support, Takashi finally finds Shinji at the ceremony. With the train passing by, Shinji’s voice renders him the world one after another. Takashi learns how to enjoy the world with his imagination.

Director’s Profile – Yu Sakudo
Film director and screenwriter. Born in Osaka in 1990 and a graduate of School of Law at Kyoto University.
Established a video production company “Creative Studio Getsukuro” in 2014 and acts as the representative.
While working as a movie director, he also writes screenplays for TV dramas as a screenwriter.
Directed the movie “Checkpoint of the life” (2018). Screenplay works include movies “Follow The Light” (2021), “Alivehoon” (2022), and a TV drama for NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) titled “Pet ni Dohamari Shite, Kaisha Yamemashita” (2022).

Voice Cast
Takashi : Zach Aguilar
Shinji : Nicola Fricano

Main Staff
Director : Yu Sakudo
Animation Director : Toshiaki Hanzaki
Producer : Kenji Ishimaru
CG Director : Gee Yeung
Sound Director : Masataka Ota
Music : haruka nakamura