Unity Engineer

Required Skill:
・Wide knowledge of developing process for real time games and current technology
・Experience in writing Unity or developing contents by using Real-Time engine
・Advanced programming skills

Preferred Skill / Experience
・Deep knowledge of math, especially 3D math
・Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent area (in case you need the support to get Japanese working visa.)
・English(conversational level)

Job description・Contribute to architect , develop, support, and optimize the system and internal tools
・Contribute to programming including the management of computing resourcing and animation solution etc.
・Contribute to the developments of other than the above depending on the situation

・No requirements of educational background
・If you have non-Japanese nationality, we may consider taking VISA to work in Japan.
・Contract type: outsourcing agreement
・Service fee: Depend on qualifications and experience
・When to start working : Negotiable
・Contract term: review the contract every three months

How to apply
We would like you to send
・the position you are interested in
to contact@kodanshavrlab.com
Our recruiters will contact with you regarding of the job interviews within a few days.
It would be appreciated if you feel free to contact us.
We will welcome those who would like to challenge latest trends.
We hope we could produce amazing VR content with you.