2021.08.13   News

VR idol group Hop Step Sing!'s 6th VR music video 《Happy People》 will be released on 27 Aug on Steam & VIVEPORT

Hop Step Sing!’s long awaited VR music video after a year and a half is going to be released on 27 Aug on Steam and VIVEPORT! Have you ever imagined of supporting your idols in an intimate ways like changing their hairstyles, photo shooting for them, or lighting up their stage in VR space?

《Happy People》 is the ultimate interactive entertainment that can fulfill you dream!

Try to touch the hidden interaction items and the idols will talk to you!? At the end, you can get an autograph on the photo of your favorite character! In addition to Japanese, there are also Chinese and English interfaces and subtitles, as well as a karaoke function (Roman alphabet).

This is the ultimate form of idol entertainment and the culmination of five years of work by the VR production team of Hop Step Sing!

We will have more details to be released, please check our SNS as well!

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