2021.08.31   News

Hop Step Sing! 5th Anniversary Campaign ~Vote your favorite VR music video!(31 Aug- 7 Sep)

Astral Peace came first in our recent song category poll. This time it’s all about the VR music videos. We’ll have to see if Astral Peace will win the VR category as well, or if the new song Happy People will take the top spot! If more than 1000 people vote, we’ll give away a desktop wallpaper of our latest song Happy People!

Please vote on Twitter @hopstepsing and RT with #hopstepsing!

・キセキ的Shining!(Kisekiteki Shining)


・気ままに☆サマーバケーション(Kimamani☆Summer Vacation)

・覗かないでNAKEDハート(Nozokanaide NAKED Heart)

・アストラル・ピース(Astral Piece)

・ハッピーポー(Happy People)