2022.01.19   News

Hop Step Sing! Karaoke Contest Result

As we announced earlier on Hop Nama, here are the results of the HSS Karaoke Contest!

3rd place: Ms.Sukittah/ Brazil/ Astral Piece 

The performance is so dynamic!

2nd place: Ms. Katya /Russia /kiss x kiss x kiss

The Japanese accent was perfect! It’s amazing how well she sings!

Grand Prize: Ульяна Марковская (Ms. Ulyana Markovskaya)/ Russia /Astral Piece

The whole set including the scene transition of Astral Piece was perfect! The performance was so great that it makes people watching it over and over again.

Russia Prize(Specially Created): Ms. Lili Erlih/ Russia/ Kisekiteki Shining!

The quality of the costumes, dancing and singing were all very high, and the level of camera editing was high too. Hope you will stop by Kodansha VR Lab when you come to Japan!

Thank you for all the participants from all over the world!