Hop Step Sing! VR Live Hop Summer 3rd

Event overview:

VR idols Hop Step Sing! has held their VR live Hop Summer 3rd 2023. The theme of their ever-evolving live performance is “VR Live x Adventure RPG x Musical”.

This is a live performance that goes far beyond the framework of a mere idol live performance and is unique to HSS, full of tricks to maximize the enjoyment of VR technology, where the audience can sing, dance and sometimes fight demons together.

Why not join the three members of HSS on an adventurous journey?

Date and time: 26 November (Sun), doors open 02:00am, show starts 03:00am (PST)

Special website: https://hopstepsing.com/live/hopsama2023_main.html (already finished)

This time, there are 2 ways of joining the VR Live:

(1) VR headset + game PC viewing ticket 4,500 yen (incl. tax)

This ticket is for those who have a VR headset and a game PC. This is the best way to enjoy Hop Summer 3rd. Please check the required specification information etc. on the special page before purchasing a ticket.

(2) Web browser viewing ticket: ¥3,000 (incl. tax)

A viewing method introduced for this live performance. Highly recommended for those who do not have a VR headset but want to participate in Hop Summer.


Nijikawa Hop Niina (Niina Nijikawa CV: Mariya Sashiide)

Shiishiba Step Shikiri (Shikiri Shiishiba CV: Toribe Mariko)

Minowa Sing Mikasa (Mikasa Minowa CV: Natsumi Hioka)


A spectacular VR adventure live concert by the Hop Step Sing! Circus!

Fight off demons by singing and dancing and bring back smiles on people’s faces!

Hop☆Summer 3rd takes place in the VR world of Kita Sinagawa, a village full of freedom, excitement and possibilities thanks to VR, when suddenly one day a curse from the ‘Demon King’ robbed it of its smiles. Some of the villagers who escaped the curse seek help from the HSS Circus, who made people smile with their singing and dancing. The three circus performers and the villagers embark on a singing and dancing adventure to bring smiles back to Kita Sinagawa. Will their power of singing and dancing be able to defeat the Demon King?