Hop Step Sing! Mika Mika Room

We have faithfully reproduced Mikasa’s room, the “princess at “Hop Step Sing!” , on VR Chat.
You can visit her colorful lovely room which she customized at the Karaoke box managed by her father. You can always read the latest comics of ”Hop Step Sing!” in Japanese and English too. If you are lucky enough, you may meet Shikiri and Niina as well…!

What makes more fun is that, you can sound the tambourine by shaking or look into the refrigerator by walking around the room.

We hope you can come to see her regularly as we will redecorate her room every month.
Production: July 2019
Directed by Hiroshi Chida
Voice Actors: Maria Sashide, Mariko Toribe, Natsumi Hioka
broadcast : http://bit.ly/mikaRoom
Mika Mika Room site : https://hopstepsing.com/vrzone/mikamika_room/